Plotlogic scoops up $18M to put hyperspectral imaging to work in the mines

Mining is one of the oldest industries out there, but it has increasingly embraced high-tech methods as demand has increased. Plotlogic uses hyperspectral imaging, a technique generally found in labs and satellites, to add a new layer of data and automation to these crucial but often dated operations. Hyperspectral imagery is basically a photo that … Read more

Vanguard reclaims top target-date fund manager spot, leapfrogs Fidelity and BlackRock

Thomas Barwick | Digitalvision | Getty Images Vanguard Group captured the most new investor money in its target-date funds last year relative to other asset managers, reclaiming the top spot it’d held for over a decade before being dethroned in 2020, according to a new Morningstar report. Target-date funds, or TDFs, have become popular in … Read more