Google Pay to Roll Out Personalised Rewards and Recommendation Feature for Indian Users: What It Means

Google Pay is gearing up to introduce a new personalisation feature in India that looks to offer relevant deals and better recommendations. However, if you enable this feature, Google will gain access to sensitive information like your transaction history, your forms of payment, and other data. The new “Personalisation with Google Pay” feature looks to … Read more

Russia slows down Twitter amid crackdown on social media platforms fueling dissent

Russian authorities said Wednesday they are slowing down the speed of uploading photos and videos to Twitter over its failure to remove banned content — part of growing efforts to curb social media platforms that have played a major role in amplifying dissent.  The state communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor, said it began the slowdown after it said Twitter failed to remove … Read more

Transform data to secure it: Use Cloud DLPTransform data to secure it: Use Cloud DLPHead of Solutions StrategyProduct Manager, Google Cloud

When you want to protect data in-motion, at rest or in use, you usually think about data discovery, data loss detection and prevention. Few would immediately consider transforming or modifying data in order to protect it.  But doing so can be a powerful and relatively easy tactic to prevent data loss.  Our data security vision … Read more