Investing may be getting too complex for retail investors — and even professional brokers

As more cutting-edge investment products work their way into the marketplace, there’s growing fear retail investors and even professional brokers are getting in over their heads. Former SEC attorney David Gorman, who’s now a partner at Dorsey & Whitney, contends complex products designed for profits are creating unprecedented risks and U.S. regulators are taking notice. … Read more

Man in Germany gets 90 COVID-19 shots to sell forged passes

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A 60-year-old man allegedly had himself vaccinated against COVID-19 dozens of times in Germany in order to sell forged vaccination cards with real vaccine batch numbers to people not wanting to get vaccinated themselves. The man from the eastern Germany city of Magdeburg, whose name was not … Read more

Why this framework may serve as the ultimate seal of approval for NFTs

Sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reached a record $25 billion in 2021. However, signs in the data of slowing growth towards the end of the year point to concerns. Repeated media reports of hacking, theft — and, perhaps most pressingly, fraud — haven’t helped. As the example of impersonation of comic book artist Derek Laufman … Read more