Optimizing your Google Cloud spend with BigQuery and LookerOptimizing your Google Cloud spend with BigQuery and LookerGoogle Cloud Developer AdvocateDeveloper Advocate

The standard billing export includes both a cost table, where you can see cost and usage across services, and a pricing table, that can be used to analyze prices, discounts and services. Besides the standard billing export, you can also use the preview feature to export insights and recommendations data into BigQuery. Recommender is a service that provides per-product or per-service recommendations, and are generated based on heuristic methods, machine learning, and current resource usage. 

With these exports enabled, you can use BigQuery to analyze spend details down to the hour, but maybe you’re not the kind of person who enjoys writing queries or puzzling through data from  hundreds of thousands of rows (or maybe you are, no judgement). So where do you go from here? Enter visualization!

Look, it’s Looker!

Looker is a business intelligence/big data analytics platform that helps you explore and analyze your data, and we’ve just recently launched the Google Cloud Billing block to help you get started on your visualization journey. Using the Looker Marketplace, you can easily install any number of Looker Blocks and other content to help you get a running start. Installing the Google Cloud Billing block only takes a few steps and you’ll end up with a dashboard to help you see what your spend looks like.

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