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Once you dive into your conversation, you can analyze the audio, and it’s also possible to play the audio recording.

Besides the entities, chat and audio conversations can also analyze the silence and the sentiment of the caller and the agent. This is very useful for contact center managers who want to learn from customer escalations. 

Importing large datasets

Lastly, you can also import conversations as a batch to import existing large datasets. You can import these through scripts using the API or via Cloud Data Fusion.

Topic modeling

A CCAI Insights topic model uses Google’s Natural Language Processing to generate primary topics for each conversation in your dataset. You can then deploy the model to analyze future conversations as they’re imported.

To train your own topic model with good accuracy, you will need a minimum of 10 thousand conversations. Then you can start the training. Please understand that training a topic model can take up to 12 hours, as it’s a very extensive process, as it analyzes every conversation with each other, to find the most common entities.

Once your model has been successfully trained from customer data, you can deploy the model and view the most used topic drivers. Note the screenshot below, who would have known that apparently your human or virtual service agents spend a lot of time answering questions on how people can login to their accounts!

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