New This Month in Data Analytics: Taking Home the Gold in DataNew This Month in Data Analytics: Taking Home the Gold in DataSr. Director, Product Management

As the Olympics kicked off in Tokyo at the end of July, we found ourselves reflecting on the beauty of diverse countries and cultures coming together to celebrate greatness and sportsmanship. For this month’s blog, we’d like to highlight some key data and analytics performances that should help inspire you to reach new heights in your data journey.

Let’s review the highlights!

BigQuery ML Anomaly Detection: A perfect 10 for augmented analytics

Identifying anomalous behavior at scale is a critical component of any analytics strategy. Whether you want to work with a single frame of data or a time series progression, BigQuery ML allows you to bring the power of machine learning to your data warehouse. 

In this blog released at the beginning of last month, our team walked through both non-time series and time-series approaches to anomaly detection in BigQuery ML:

  • Non-time series anomaly detection

  • Time-series anomaly detection

These approaches make it easy for your team to quickly experiment with data stored in BigQuery to identify what works best for your particular anomaly detection needs. Once a model has been identified as the right fit, you can easily port that model into the Vertex AI platform for real-time analysis or schedule it in BigQuery for continued batch processing.

App Analytics: Winning the team event

Google provides a broad ecosystem of technologies and services aimed at solving modern day challenges. Some of the best solutions come when those technologies are combined with our data analytics offerings to surface additional insights and provide new opportunities. 

Firebase has deep adoption in the app development community and provides the technology backbone for many organization’s app strategy. This month we launched a design pattern that shows Firebase customers how to use Crashlytics data, CRM, issue tracking, and support data in BigQuery and Looker to identify opportunities to improve app quality and enhance customer experiences.

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