New research: Enterprises more confident than ever in cloud securityNew research: Enterprises more confident than ever in cloud securityDirector of Messaging and Content, Google Cloud

This is a clear indication that there are fewer reservations around the efficacy of cloud-based security solutions, signaling an increase in trust as organizations invest in cloud-based infrastructure and solutions. 

We are committed to safe, secure solutions 

Google Cloud protects your data, applications, and infrastructure, as well as your customers, from fraudulent activity, spam, and other types of online abuse. We protect you against a growing list of cybersecurity threats using the same infrastructure foundation and security services that we use for our own operations, so you never have to compromise between ease of use and advanced security. 

To learn more about the IDG findings and how IT leaders are addressing security concerns post-COVID, download the full report.

Interested in how Google Cloud’s commitment to providing safe, secure solutions helps you address your security needs?

Our networking, data storage, and compute services encrypt data at rest and in transit to ensure the integrity, authenticity, and privacy of your data and your customers’ data. We also offer the ability to encrypt data in use, while it’s being processed in VM and container workloads, and our advanced security tools support compliance and data confidentiality with minimal operational overhead.

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