New Normal, Automation and AI

The Covid-19 pandemic may dramatically shift the way we live and work. Organizations globally are now reevaluating the way they work and interact with key stakeholders, and IT leaders are prioritizing innovation to be in line with the current trend towards an economic slowdown.

Enterprises will need to focus on flexibility and agility in responsiveness to adapt to the fast-changing situations amid the coronavirus pandemic. Automation and Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in the “new normal” post-Covid-19.

Before Covid-19 pandemic, a majority of companies were human intensive, and now it is leading to a big challenge in scalability. The pandemic has increased the use Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront for managing these interactions efficiently in addition to enhancing stakeholder experiences. In the case of automobile players across the globe including Volvo and Mahindra, recently launched online sales, digital services, and contactless-service experience to their customers. They leveraged robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to continue their business plans to their operations, and minimize disruptions for their customers.

Artificial Intelligence and automation are helping enterprises globally to adapt to new ways of working and creating a workforce which is a blend of robot and human. Post-Covid-19 era, organizations that successfully combine human and machine capabilities will not only survive the challenging conditions but will also be able to showcase better and stronger capabilities.