Love Island UK 2022: Everything we know so far

Winter is slowly drawing to a close, which means Love Island UK 2022 will be here before you know it. We’re only a few months away from watching a throng of attractive singletons spend a summer in paradise coupling up, pieing each other off and maybe even genuinely finding love. 

Love Island UK has become a reality television phenomenon over the past seven series with the show dominating social media and drawing in audiences from across the globe. Last year saw the show make a triumphant return after a forced-hiatus, and dedicated viewers are already eager for the show’s return in 2022. 

While there isn’t a huge amount of information available just yet, we’ve collected everything we know about Love Island UK 2022 down below. Plus, in the meantime, if you fancy rewatching some classic series to pass the time make sure to check out our ranking of every Love Island UK series so you know which are worth your time.  

Love Island UK 2022 start date speculation and rumors

When does Love Island UK 2022 start is the question that everybody is asking, but it’s unfortunately not one that we can answer quite yet. The show’s broadcaster, ITV, has yet to confirm exactly when Love Island will return to television screens this year.  

However, we can make an educated guess. Last year the show started on June 28, but this was later than usual due to the pandemic. We expect this year’s series of Love Island UK to begin in early June 2022. 

A new report suggests this speculation is along the right lines. The Sun is claiming the show will start on Monday, June 6. As relayed by The Mirror (opens in new tab), a Love Island insider is quoted as saying: “The schedules are being put together now and fans can expect a long, hot summer of fun from the villa from June 6, filming for the promotional adverts is beginning in the next couple of weeks and the ads will start in May.”

Traditionally the reality series has run for six weeks total, but in 2021 it was stretched to eight weeks. Viewers did complain about Love Island fatigue towards the end so it’s possible producers will return to a six week format for the 2022 iteration. 

Although, curiously, the same insider quoted above is also suggesting the next season of Love Island will be “the longest ever” so perhaps we’re looking at a nine or ten-week series. Could this will prove to be too much of a good thing? 

Love Island UK 2022 location 

Love Island UK has traditionally been filmed in Mallorca, Spain and it appears that the series will be returning to the country for 2022. 

While the show did take up a temporary residence in South Africa for a winter series in 2020, ITV director Kevin Lygo recently confirmed (opens in new tab) that the next series would once again be taking place in Mallorca. 

Love Island 2022 villa 

Love Island UK might be returning to the very familiar setting of Mallorca, but things won’t look the same as previous series. That’s because Love Island UK is moving to a new villa, as reported by The Independent (opens in new tab)

This will be the fourth villa in the show’s history, and the first change in setting for the summer series since its third outing. Since 2017, Love Island UK has filmed at a property near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, east of the Spanish island, but the now iconic villa won’t be available this summer.  

No details have been revealed about the show’s new villa just yet, but expect it to have a pool, neon signs on the wall and plenty of areas for islanders to pull each other for a chat. 

Love Island UK 2022 outlook 

To be frank, Love Island UK has probably passed its peak. Last year’s series wasn’t quite the ratings juggernaut that the show was in its prime, nevertheless it’s still one of the most popular reality series around. Come June it’ll almost certainly dominate social media, and become required nightly viewing for millions of reality TV fans. 

The core format has grown a little predictable, especially last year with almost every twist being recycled from previous series. Let’s hope that the producers have some fresh ideas to keep things interesting. And, if not, we can always rely on the islanders to create plenty of drama themselves. 

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