Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential has Google Assistant and only costs $30 right now

Lenovo released the Smart Clock Essential last year as a digital alarm clock with Google Assistant (and some other smart functionality) built in. The original $49 MSRP was a bit on the steep side, especially considering the more feature-packed Lenovo Smart Clock was often on sale for the same price, but now the new model is discounted to just $29.99.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a digital clock, with large LED digits, a night light with three levels of brightness, a temperature indicator, and a USB Type-A port on the back for charging your phone (or anything else that can power up over USB). It also functions as a Google Assistant smart speaker, allowing you to stream music, set reminders, control smart home devices, check your calendar, and much more. Finally, the clock is a Chromecast target on your home network, so you can stream audio content from supported apps on your phone or tablet.

    Lenovo Smart Clock EssentialLenovo Smart Clock Essential
    This digital alarm clock doubles as a Google Assistant smart speaker. It’s available on Home Depot’s website for $29.99, and you can even pick it up in select physical stores.

Considering the Google Nest Mini normally costs around $49, and Amazon’s latest Echo Dot typically costs $50 (though is on sale for $35 right now), the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a cheaper alternative with the bonus of an always-on clock. The main drawback is that there’s no battery backup, so if you frequently deal with power cuts, it might not be as reliable as ‘dumb’ alarm clocks.

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