Introducing Unattended Project Recommender: discover, reclaim, or deprecate abandoned projects under your organizationIntroducing Unattended Project Recommender: discover, reclaim, or deprecate abandoned projects under your organizationProduct ManagerProduct Manager

GCP projects are used in many different ways and for many different purposes. In case you get a recommendation to delete a project that’s being used in a way that’s out of the scope for this feature, you can dismiss the recommendation and it will stop showing up for the given project. 

Restoring deleted projects

When you choose to shut down a project using the projects.delete() method, it gets marked for deletion. After a project is marked for deletion, it becomes unusable, all resources within that project are shut down, and a 30-day wait period for the project and all of its data to get fully deleted begins.

In case a useful project is accidentally shut down, you have the option to restore the project within that 30-day wait period. Since restoring allows you to recover most but not necessarily all of your project data and resources, we recommend carefully examining the utilization insights associated with a project and considering any additional utilization signals that may not be captured by the Unattended Project Recommender before taking the cleanup action.

Early customer success stories

A number of enterprise customers are already using Unattended Project Recommender to keep their organizations clean of unattended projects and resources.

Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer, is excited for the insight Unattended Project Recommender will bring to their environment, and are already deploying it as a part of their latest cloud security initiatives.

“After a thorough test of this feature and the validation of our CISO, we ended up deleting our first 775 projects, and no one complained! A great help to improve our security. The next step for us will be to operationalize it at scale, and implement a company wide policy for unattended resource management.”Adeline Villette, Cloud Security Officer

For Veolia, one of the world’s largest water, waste and energy management companies, not only does this feature reduce security risks and waste, but also helps drive cultural shift and alignment with its ecological transformation strategy.

“This feature allows us to reduce our costs and security debt on assets that are no longer in use, and is also fully in line with Veolia’s philosophy of limiting its carbon footprint. After having tested Unattended Project Recommender on more than 3,000 projects throughout our organization, we are looking to bring it as proactive alerts to our project owners at scale.”Thomas Meriadec, Product Manager

Box, a secure cloud content management provider, views it as a foundation for building a repeatable process to remediate unused resources.

“Unattended Project Recommender is a great fit for us. It gives us a unified view of project usage across our entire organization and enables us to address security risks of legacy projects in a systematic and organized manner, ensuring an even safer environment.”Matt Bowes, Staff Security Engineer

Getting started with the Unattended Project Recommender

To help you get started, we’ve prepared a Cloud Shell tutorial (source code) that you can use to find unattended project recommendations within your own Projects/Folders/Organization. Click this button to clone the tutorial from GitHub and run in your Cloud Shell environment: