How does Anthos simplify hybrid & multicloud deployments?How does Anthos simplify hybrid & multicloud deployments?Developer Advocate, Google

Now, consider repeating this set of tasks across a hybrid and multicloud landscape. It becomes very complex, very quickly. Your platform admins, SREs,  and DevOps teams who are responsible for security and efficiency have to do manual, cluster-by-cluster management, data collection, and information synthesis. With this complexity, it’s hard to stay current, to understand business implications, and to ensure compliance (not to mention the difficulty of onboarding a new hire). Anthos helps solve these challenges!

How does Anthos make hybrid and multicloud easy?

With Anthos, you get a consistent way to manage your infrastructure, with similar infrastructure management, container management, service management, and policy enforcement across your landscape.

As a result, you have observability across all your platforms in one place, including access to business information, alerts, and operations information. With this information you might decide to optimize, automate, and set policies or SLOs. 

Digging deeper into Anthos 


You may have different regions that need different policies, and also have different development, staging, or production environments that need different permissions. Some parts of your work may need more security. That’s where environs come in! Environs are a way to create logical sets of underlying Kubernetes clusters, regardless of which platform those clusters live on. 

By considering, grouping, and managing sets of clusters as logical environs, you can think about and work with your applications at the right level of detail for what you need to do, be it acquiring business insights over the entire system, updating settings for a dev environment, or troubleshooting data for a specific cluster. Using environs, each part of the functional stack can take declarative direction about configuration, compliance, and more.

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