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QUALIFY (Preview)

More advanced users of SQL know the power of analytic functions (aka window functions). These functions compute values over a group of rows, returning a single result for each row. For example, customers use analytic functions to compute a grand total, subtotal, moving average, rank, and more. With the announcement of support for QUALIFY, BigQuery users can now filter on the results of analytic functions by using the QUALIFY clause. 

QUALIFY belongs in the family of query clauses used for filtering along with WHERE and HAVING. The WHERE clause is used to filter individual rows in a query. The HAVING clause is used to filter aggregate rows in a result set after aggregate functions and GROUP BY clauses. The QUALIFY clause is used to filter results of analytic functions. 

To show the utility of QUALIFY, the example below uses QUALIFY to return the top 3 female names from each year in the last decade using from bigquery-public-data.usa_names.usa_1910_current

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