Google TV can now be emulated for app development

Android 12 Beta 1 for the ADT-3 is also live

The Chromecast with Google TV was released last year, becoming the first device to run the updated Google TV software experience. While still based on Android TV, Google TV’s interface tweaks and custom launcher are different enough that some app developers might want to test their work on it. Thankfully, Google is now rolling out the first emulator for Google TV, allowing anyone to test apps on the new platform without buying a Chromecast.

“To help you make your app work better on Google TV without requiring new hardware,” Google wrote in a blog post, “we are now making our first Google TV Emulator available, running on Android 11. You can now also use a remote that more closely mimics TV remotes directly within the Emulator.” That’s good news for anyone wanting to test their apps on Google’s latest and greatest living room experience. It might seem a bit odd that only Android 11 images for Google TV are available, given Android 12 is now in Beta, but the images will recreate what people are currently using on production hardware/software.

Google is also rolling out Android 12 Beta 1 to the ADT-3 box, so developers can test the latest software on real hardware if necessary. The release comes after the ADT-3 received a preview build in February, which included the Google TV interface. No word yet on when we can expect an Android 12 TV emulator image.

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