Google Play will crack down on inactive developer accounts

Google has updated its Google Play policies for Android developers publishing apps on the Google Play Store. Developers and publishers must abide by these policies for their apps to be allowed on the Play Store. Several new policies are being introduced with this update, and one of them revolves around dormant accounts.

With this new policy, Google is looking to crack down on dormant and abandoned accounts. Accounts that haven’t uploaded an app or accessed the Google Play console in a year will be closed down. Google says this will help prevent abuse as malicious actors won’t be able to easily take over old accounts and start collecting revenue, user data, or push malicious updates without the developer noticing since they’ll be forced to check in on their account once in a while. In addition, it also encourages developers to provide active support for their apps. Google will make exceptions for developers whose apps have received either 1000+ installs or have in-app purchases within the last 90 days.

When Google closes an account, any data associated with it will also be deleted. Google will notify developers before closing the account, though, so they’ll have a chance to log in and become in good standing. Google also notes that if your account is closed, you aren’t restricted from opening a new account in the future. However, you won’t be able to reactivate your old account or migrate any apps or data you managed from your old account. The registration fee paid when creating the Google Play account will be forfeited and not be refunded.

Googler has also announced it’s cracking down on app listings with misleading names and icons.

This policy change takes effect on September 1, 2021. If you’re a developer, we recommend you take some time and read through the new policy changes to ensure your apps and account don’t end up violating the Google Play policies. For more details, check out the video attached below.

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