Google Play Games prepares to add better management for multiple accounts

Google Play Games will soon allow gamers to seamlessly switch between their multiple Google accounts. Currently, when you sign into a game using your Google account through Google Play Games and would like to change the default account later on, there’s no easy way to do that.

Your only and not-so-convenient option is to either reinstall the entire game or wipe the game data from the app settings, which may not be something you would want to go through if your game is huge in size and requires downloading multiple gigabytes of game assets. However, it appears Google will be making it easier for gamers to sign out of their current account and switch to a different one.

An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by the developers in a future build.

In the Google Play Games v2021.02.24917, we found some strings that suggest that the Google Play Games app itself will let you change the default account used for games, change the default account used for all new games, or change the account used on a per-game basis.

Changing the account will delete all local progress and settings associated with that account, but it does mean you can switch accounts more easily, and more importantly without needing to reinstall the game from scratch.

New strings in Google Play Games v2021.02.24917:

<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_description">Current default account: %1$s</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_option_for_all_games_description">"You'll lose access to progress and settings for games you've played. We'll restart the game to apply your changes."</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_option_for_all_games_title">" Change the default account for "<b>all games</b>" "</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_option_only_for_new_games_description">"You won't lose access to progress and settings for games you've played. But your progress will be split between accounts."</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_option_only_for_new_games_title">" Change the default account only for "<b>new games</b>" "</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_option_sign_out_of_all_games_description">"You'll lose access to progress and settings for games you've played. We'll restart the game to apply your changes."</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_option_sign_out_of_all_games_title">" Sign out of "<b>all games</b>" "</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_default_account_for_all_games_dialog_title">Select an option for the new default account</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_description">"If you change the account for a selected game or sign out of it, you'll lose access to past progress and settings for the game"</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_dialog_description">"If you change the account you'll lose access to past progress and settings for the game"</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_dialog_option_ask_every_time">@string/games__signinsettings__game_state_description_ask_every_time</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_dialog_option_sign_out">Sign out</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_dialog_option_use_player">Use %1$s</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_dialog_title">Select an option for this game</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__change_per_game_title">Change the account by game</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__sign_out_of_all_games_option_dialog_description">"While you're signed out, you'll lose access to progress and settings for these games:"</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__sign_out_of_all_games_option_dialog_sign_out_button">Sign out</string>
<string name="games__signinsettings__sign_out_of_all_games_option_dialog_title">Are you sure you want to sign out of all games?</string>

At the time being, this change hasn’t been implemented in the most recent version of the Google Play Games app. We’ll keep an eye out for the further progress of this feature and will sure to let you know when it goes live for everyone.

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