Google BigQuery is a Leader in The 2021 Forrester Wave: Cloud Data WarehouseGoogle BigQuery is a Leader in The 2021 Forrester Wave: Cloud Data WarehouseDirector of Product Management, Data Analytics

Today, customers across the globe use BigQuery to run business critical analytics workloads to enable BI acceleration, IoT analytics, customer intelligence, AI/ML-based analytics, data science, data collaboration, and data services. Customers such as Verizon, Wayfair, HSBC, Twitter, AirAsia, KeyBank, The Home Depot, and Vodafone have anchored their digital transformation efforts on BigQuery—unlocking deeper insights for their people. 

Customers use BigQuery across all industries, to solve issues like credit card fraud detection, predictive forecasting, anomaly detection, log analytics and many more. Forrester recognized this work and gave BigQuery a 5/5 score for supporting vertical and horizontal use cases. 

More BigQuery advantages 

Google is the first hyperscale provider to offer a multi cloud data analytics solution. With BigQuery Omni, customers can perform cross-cloud analytics with ease, and drive business outcomes they couldn’t achieve with the siloed approach offered by other vendors. 

We designed BigQuery to be highly scalable and more open and interoperable so that customers can join data across SQL databases, traditional unstructured data lakes in object storage, and even spreadsheets using any analysis tool. 

Recent innovations like BigQuery BI Engine lets us provide the best analytics experience by delivering sub-second query response times from any business intelligence tool, from Google’s Looker and Connected Sheets to Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, ThoughtSpot, and others. Our goal is to meet customers where they are rather than force them into a one-size-fits-all approach to data analysis. 

With BigQuery, organizations gain both breadth and depth of capabilities to transform their analytics strategy. Forrester also gave BigQuery 5 out of 5 in: