Gmail now lets you save images directly to Google Photos

Google Photos is scheduled to end free photo backups in just a few days, which has been one of the service’s best features over the years. The new storage limitations will make Google Photos more like traditional cloud storage than before, and it seems Google is embracing that with new functionality coming to Gmail.

Google is rolling out a new “Save to Photos” button on Gmail for the web, across both Google Workspace customers (including G Suite Basic and Business) and personal Google accounts. It does exactly what it says — with one click, the selected image is copied to your Google Photos library.

Save to Photos button in GmailSave to Photos button in Gmail

“Now when you get a photo attachment in a Gmail message,” Google said on its Workspace Updates blog, “you can save it directly to Google Photos with a new ‘Save to Photos’ button. You’ll see it next to the existing “Add to Drive” button on the attachment and while previewing the image attachment. Currently, this is only available for JPEG images.”

The new feature is rolling out starting today, and everyone should get it sometime in the next 15 days. However, with the upcoming storage requirements in Google Photos, it might be time to look into alternatives. If you do stick with the service, Google recently added some tools to help manage your storage and delete unneeded data (like blurry photos, screenshots, and large videos).

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