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We understand how crucial it is for startups that are experimenting with technologies, to get the right support on this journey, build fast, optimize and scale. At Google Cloud, we want to help you build your business and partner with you at every stage of your startup journey.

Elevate your startup with our how-to guided series 

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups, a video series for technical enablement aimed at helping startups to start, build and grow their businesses successfully and sustainably on Google Cloud.

Through this multi series, you will not only be guided on how your startup can get started on Google Cloud, you will also be able to understand how other startups are leveraging our solutions across industries.

This is a three part video series designed to match your startup’s stage of growth:

  • The Start Series: Begin by building, deploying and managing new applications on Google Cloud from start to finish.

  • The Build Series: Optimize and scale existing deployments to reach your target audiences.

  • The Grow Series: Grow and attain scale with deployments on Google Cloud.

Get started with the first episode

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