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Anomaly Detection

Organizations need to anticipate and act on risks and opportunities to stay competitive in a digitally transforming society. Anomaly detection helps organizations identify and respond to data points and data trends in high velocity, high volume data sets that deviate from historical standards and expected behaviors, allowing them to take action on changing user needs, mitigate malicious actors and behaviors, and prevent unnecessary costs and monetary losses.

The Anomaly Detection solution uses Google Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Dataflow, and Looker to:

  • Stream events in real time 

  • Process the events, extract useful data points, train the detection algorithm of choice

  • Apply the detection algorithm in near-real time to the events to detect anomalies

  • Update dashboards and/or send alerts

The challenge of finding the important insights and anomalies in vast amounts of data applies to organizations across all industries and lines of business, but is especially important to protecting the security of an organization. For example, TELUS, a national communications company, modernized their security analytics platform leveraging this Pattern, allowing them to detect anomalies in near real time to detect and mitigate suspicious activity.

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