Famous Humanoid AI Robot Inspires NFT Collection

A world-famous humanoid AI robot is set to become an NFT. The robot will be turned into 100 iNFTs, which will be able to inhabit and interact within a decentralized metaverse.

Sophia is an intelligent humanoid AI robot developed by Hong Kong-based firm Hanson Robotics in 2016. She shocked the world through her ability to hold steady convocations, which further led to her making a remarkable speech at The United Nations. She is now being tokenized and turned into 100 iNFTs, which will be available for auction on December 16th on Binance’s NFT marketplace.

The virtual tokenizing of Sophia will render an NFT collection called The Sophia BeingAI NFT Collection. It is part of a perpetual license and co-branding partnership between the virtual anime version of Sophia, ‘Sophia beingAI’, and iNFT production firm, Alethea AI.

Each Sophia BeingAI iNFT will be embedded with an AI personality that is part of the smart contract. These AI personalities will be able to inhabit and interact with a decentralized metaverse named Noah’s Ark, a project of Alethea AI. According to Alethea AI, Noah’s Ark will become a hub for interactive and intelligent NFTs.

In addition, the 100 iNFTs within the collection be illustrated by legendary comic book artist Pat Lee, who has worked for both DC Comics and Marvel, on projects such as Superman, Batman, Iron Man and Spiderman.

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