Enhanced map style rolling out as default basemap in NovemberEnhanced map style rolling out as default basemap in NovemberProduct Manager, Google Maps Platform

The only changes are to the visual appearance of the natural features of the default basemap.  Using a new satellite color mapping technique, we’re able to deliver the more detailed and colorful experience that you see on the Google Maps app, website, and Google Maps Platform Cloud-styled maps. 


If you are already a customer using Cloud-based map styling for Maps JavaScript or Static Maps API, and you created your style after September 2020, you already have the new default map. 

For customers of Maps JavaScript and Static Maps APIs not using Cloud-based maps styling, the new default basemap will transition through our regular versioning channels for Maps JavaScript API, starting with version 3.47 on the weekly channel in November 2021. 

If you are using the Maps Embed API, you will get the new default basemap in November of 2021. 

For our mobile SDK customers, if you have custom JSON styles and you want to test out how those styles would look with this new default map, you can visually test this out with the JSON style import tool for map style editor on the Cloud Console. 

In May of 2022, all surfaces and SDK versions will receive the new basemap as default. This includes Maps JavaScript, Static Maps, and Google Maps Platform Android & iOS SDKs will have the new basemap as default. 

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To share any issues or bugs, please submit through our public issues tracker in Issue 203429433. And for a summary of how to try out the style across our Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs and when the style becomes default for each, check out the table below. 

For more information on Google Maps Platform, visit our website.

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