Drive Your Test Capabilities Forward with Emulation

Miniaturized radar target simulators (mRTS) are enabling design and test engineers to emulate complete traffic scenes to train their ADAS and autonomous driving algorithms.

Scientists from Keysight Labs combined mRTS technology with the concept of pixelation to create “rixels”. A 64-by-8 array of these mRTS rixels are used to form a wall of RF front ends in the Keysight Radar Scene Emulator, which can emulate dynamic real-world traffic scenarios experienced by automotive radar sensors. 

Key takeaways:

  • apply DevOps (development and operations) model across software application development cycles
  • emulate and reproduce test scenarios in the lab
  • understand the technology concepts of how automotive OEMs could emulate the scenes for lab testing
  • test autonomous driving systems with radar sensors faster and with highly complex, multitarget scenes

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