Deploying a Cloud Spanner-based Node.js applicationDeploying a Cloud Spanner-based Node.js applicationSoftware Engineering Manager, Cloud Spanner

Now, we have the front end deployed. You can go to this Service URL in your browser to access the application.

Optionally, we can add the frontend URL in the OAuth web application, to enable sign-in using a Google account.

Under OAuth 2.0 Client IDs, open the application you have created (OmegaTrade-Test). Add the frontend URL under Authorised JavaScript origins and save.

Note – Please ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser to avoid being blocked from running the app.

A few screenshots

Congratulations! If you’ve been following along, the app should now be up and running in Cloud Run. You should be able to go to the frontend URL and play around with the application! Try adding your favorite company tickers and generating simulations. All data writes and reads are being taken care of by Cloud Spanner.

Here are a few screenshots from the app:

1. Login and Registration View: The user can register and authenticate using a Google account (via OAuth, if you enabled it) or using an email address. On successful login, the user is redirected to the Dashboard.