Cloud Tasks: Now available in 23 GCP RegionsCloud Tasks: Now available in 23 GCP RegionsProduct Manager

Over the last 3 years, Cloud Tasks, our fully-managed asynchronous execution control service, has been an essential part of production infrastructure for Google Cloud customers everywhere. Today we are thrilled to announce that you can now create Cloud Tasks queues in multiple GCP Regions around the world.

At Google Cloud, we believe that if we focus on the user, all else will follow. We noticed that our customers are deploying high-performance cloud services with components distributed across multiple cloud regions. Cloud Tasks is a regional service and up until today, Task Queues could only be created in a single region. 

With this release, you are able to achieve ultra-low latency Task adds with a Task Queue located close to your cloud application. Furthermore, you are no longer required to deploy an AppEngine application in order to use Cloud Tasks.  

Creating queues in different regions is easy. You simply pick the location where you would like your queue to reside. For example you can specify a location when creating a queue through the gCloud CLI :

gcloud tasks queues create my-queue-name --location us-west1

Or you can pick a location when creating a queue through the Cloud Console:

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