Chinese Embassy in France releases anti-American song: US is 'human rights cop'

China is whispering to U.S. allies behind America’s back – in the form of a poorly produced music video.

The Chinese Embassy in France released a mock children’s song about “Ameri-cracy” via social media last week. The video depicts a lip-synching Chinese woman in a top hat singing alongside several angry animals playing instruments. The song is set roughly to the tune of “The Wellerman,” a New Zealand sea ballad that became explosively popular at the beginning of the year on video site TikTok.

“Use democracy as a cloak, Ameri-cracy rules the world,” the simple lyrics start, translated into both Chinese and English, but not French. “If any country said ‘no’ you would bash it as your foe.”


The new lyrics chastise the United States for a slew of conflicts, including the U.S. serving as “human rights cop across the world.” The repeated chorus contains a couplet saying “Democracy of our own, reflects our culture, will and soul. If your system can cure all, why did it cause so many woes?”

The music video also accuses the U.S. of election fraud and disinformation to “skew” results, saying, “Inside of the country, money talks. All policies submit to the [corporation.] Disinformation, Gerrymandering skew election results.”

The video ends with a credit screen for Xinhua News – the official press agency and news outlet of the Chinese Communist Party.

Many lines, including the repeated chorus, speed up to contain many more syllables than the lines they parody.


The White House reportedly cut the video feed of a Taiwanese minister Friday during President Biden’s Summit for Democracy when she showed China and Taiwan as separate colors on a map. 

Taiwan was colored green on the map, signaling it is “open” to civil rights, while China was colored red and labeled “closed.” China considers Taiwan as part of its country, while Taiwan operates as an independent country. 

“It was clearly policy concerns,” one source told Reuters of Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang’s video feed getting cut off to only audio on Friday when she showed a map differentiating Taiwan and China. “This was completely an internal overreaction.”

The French Embassy and the Chinese Embassy in the United States did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Emma Colton contributed to this report.

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