Celebrating Women in Tech: Highlighting PossipCelebrating Women in Tech: Highlighting PossipFounder | CEO

Empowering the Possip Community 

As a woman founder of color, it is extremely important to me that my company culture reflects my beliefs. To that end, the company culture and Possip team structure need to reflect the diverse communities we serve. The inclusive workplace we created is made up of 75% women, in large part due to our conscious choice to work with tech recruiting firms that focus on hiring underrepresented candidates. This is not to say that we only hire women, we just make sure that the men we hire are equally motivated to bring inclusion and diversity into the workplace. Specifically, we are extremely proud of the diversity of our tech team – 50% women, 50% people of color, 100% awesome!  

Modeling a realistic work-life balance is also important to fostering an inclusive workplace. We understand that the pressure of kids, family, and the rest of one’s life still exist while team members are at work, so it is important that we are flexible with hours, vacation and sick leave to ensure that our team feels supported taking time off. Additionally, empathy in the workplace is meaningful because it shows that we don’t just care about what you do during the work day – we care about our employees and aim to support them so they can be their best selves at work – and at home. We regularly have babies and kids (which we lovingly call “co-workers”) joining our meetings. We’re proud to not only create a place where our team members feel comfortable navigating home life and work life, but also planting seeds for our kids of what we do and the impact and team connected to our work. 

A by-product of our inclusive Possip community has been our ability to provide high-quality, part-time jobs for caregivers as reporters – both women and men – as they ebb and flow out of the workforce for a multitude of reasons. We are grateful to be able to consider those needs and choices, and acquire great new talent in the process.

Currently, we have 18 reporters. This high impact team works to help school and district leaders maximize the insights from parent and staff feedback while earning money to support their families. The team is made up of teachers, principals, educators, moms of kids who are really young, moms of kids who are about to go to college, dads of kids who are toddlers. Our team is full of insightful people with a diversity of life and professional experiences all united by a desire to strengthen kids, schools, and communities. 

For Women’s History Month, we have made it a priority to highlight the great women working for our company and also our customers and partners on social media. At Possip, we are very conscious about the partners we work with —even our marketing agencies and law firms are women and/or people of color-led companies. Providing opportunities for other women to grow and expand their businesses has granted me the opportunity to mentor other women-led startups and see a new generation of women of color being inspired to follow their dreams.

From my experience and story, along with the other women founders highlighted throughout Women’s History Month, I hope to demonstrate the opportunities for change in the tech industry to be more inclusive and diverse. While change is slow going, bringing light to the issue helps to inspire the new generation of women to further stake their claim in this industry. 

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