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Krikey: Mobile AR gaming powered by Google Cloud

Our first Google Cloud experience was using Firebase, but we quickly expanded to Firestore once we saw the traffic to our servers. Google Cloud was able to grow with our company as we migrated to CloudSQL and Cloud Functions. Making this switch decreased the rendering time for customers, which improved the overall speed of our games. As more and more gamers found our platform, we adopted Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as our primary deployment service. GKE allows our customers to experience the app instantly and consistently, with no lag time. 

At Krikey, we want to make it easy for our developers to write, deploy, and debug code quickly with easy-to-use tools. This is precisely why we have integrated Cloud Shell into our development workflow. Cloud Shell allows us to manage our kubernetes infrastructure and develop our apps, right within our web browser. With Cloud Shell we are also able to easily access tools like Skaffold, minikube and Docker. All these come pre-installed and kept up to date in Cloud Shell, so no more hunting around for how to install the latest version and all its dependencies. And to further drive developer productivity and ensure our developers spend less time on security, we leverage vulnerability scanning. This way images automatically identify operating system package vulnerabilities as a part of CI/CD. 

With four separate games, all requiring multiple video feeds, we rely on Cloud Operations to monitor, troubleshoot and improve our applications’ performance. In particular, Cloud Monitoring dashboard gives us deep visibility into latency, downtime, and the overall health of our application. And once a problem is identified, having one integrated view of alerts, SLOs, events, and logs via the dashboard which allows us to quickly identify which container has the problem, fix the container and re-deploy. 

Additionally, Google Maps for Gaming Platform has allowed us to completely customize our games, design engaging games in the real world, and create an immersive experience, no matter where in the world our customers are playing. We feel confident that the Google Cloud and Google Maps infrastructure will be there to scale as Krikey continues to grow.