Black Friday Verizon deals — best early sales in 2021

Black Friday Verizon deals are already available, even if we’re still a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. While the wireless carrier is doubtlessly planning to make a splash on Black Friday itself, you can find deals at Verizon right now that will let you save big on smartphones — including offers on some of the leading phones right now.

Verizon’s popular trade-in deals remain in place right now, where you can trade in an old phone — even a broken one — and get a device in return that’s either free or a significantly reduced cost. You can also pick up some impressive handsets for free just by opening a new line with Verizon and signing up for one of the company’s unlimited data plans.

While you could certainly wait for more Black Friday deals, it may be worth it to jump on Verizon’s best offers now, given how supply chain problems are impacting smartphone inventories. Take advantage of a Black Friday Verizon deal right now, and you’ll likely get your phone before the holidays, whether it’s a gift for someone else or for yourself.

Black Friday Verizon deals — best early sales

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