Best Cyber Monday deals — these are the sales to expect in 2021

November is here and the first Cyber Monday deals of the year will arrive before you know it. Cyber Monday 2021 will offer epic deals on a variety of devices. Since it’s the biggest online retail holiday of the year, we’re getting a jump start on our Cyber Monday deals coverage. 

Currently, we’re seeing early holiday sales from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. They’re offering discounts on everything from laptops to KitchenAid mixers. Some of the deals are all-time price lows, but we expect to see even lower prices as we inch closer to Cyber Monday.

The first official batch of Cyber Monday deals will likely surface after Thanksgiving. In particular, the weekend before Cyber Monday is when we’ve seen retailers unveil their first batch of deals. That said, the best sales will occur on Monday itself. A few sales will last through the first week of December, but prices tend to creep back up immediately after Cyber Monday. 

The next few weeks will be filled with various deals. Here are Tom’s Guide we’ll be tracking all sales 24/7. We’ll show you the best early Cyber Monday deals and recommend when we think you should wait. So keep this page bookmarked for the best sales of the holiday season. 

When is Cyber Monday 2021

Cyber Monday 2021 will fall on Monday, November 29. However, Cyber Monday sales will begin way in advance of that date. Some of the earliest Cyber Monday deals we’ve seen have started on Thanksgiving Day. Likewise, many Cyber Monday sales will also extend beyond November 29 and last through the first week of December. 

Mattress discounts and Cyber Monday

From weighted blankets to mattresses, we expect to see massive discounts on all things related to the bedroom. Mattresses will undergo epic price drops as popular brands like Purple, Saatva, and Tuft & Needle offer the lowest prices of 2021. Make sure to follow our Cyber Monday mattress deals coverage for the best sales of the season. 

What to expect from Cyber Monday deals

Lego sets, the MacBook Air, the PS5, and OLED TVs will be high on many people’s shopping lists. Fortunately, these are the items that tend to see the steepest discounts on Cyber Monday. 

Earlier this summer we saw the MacBook Air M1 on sale for just $749 and the iPad Air on sale for an all-time low of $489. That beats last year’s best Cyber Monday deals for these Editor’s Choice devices. However, given that Cyber Monday deals are the lowest prices of the year, we can expect 2021’s best deals to drop even lower. For reference, some of the best Cyber Monday deals of the previous year include 75-inch 4K TVs from $499 and AirPods from $99. 

When it comes to Cyber Monday deals on consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X still remain as elusive as ever. We predict that even the recently announced Nintendo Switch OLED will be extremely difficult to find. It’s expected to go on sale October 8 and we recommend you buy it asap, because it will likely see extreme shortages as Cyber Monday deals begin. 

Beyond tech, Cyber Monday deals also discount kitchen appliances, such as Instant Pots, air fryers, and coffee machines. There are also excellent discounts on mattresses with epic dollar-off discounts on some of our favorite brands like Nectar, Casper, Purple, and more. Expect to save as much as $500 on a new mattress.  

Cyber Monday deals and PS5

PS5 restock

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When it comes to Cyber Monday deals on consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X still remain as elusive as ever. We predict that even the recently announced Nintendo Switch OLED will be extremely difficult to find as well. (It’s expected to go on sale October 8). Make sure to follow our PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock coverage for tips on how to get a console before the holiday rush. 

iPhone 13 and Cyber Monday deals

Good news for anyone who wants to buy a new iPhone 13. Last year, Cyber Monday deals dropped the price of the then recently announced iPhone 12 to $0. Although iPhone 13 deals are already offering Apple’s new phone for free, we expect to see bigger trade-in discounts as we get closer to Cyber Monday. Yes, there will be hoops to jump through — you’ll likely be required to trade-in your old phone and open a new unlimited data plan — but expect to see generous Cyber Monday deals on Apple’s latest devices. 

In-store Cyber Monday events 

Cyber Monday deals are generally online only sales. However, we’ve noticed an uptick in console restocks that are taking place in-store. Best Buy and GameStop have had (or will have) PS5 in-store restocks. While it’s very likely we’ll see similar in-store events in November in the lead up to Thanksgiving — we don’t expect to see many in-store Cyber Monday deals once the first sales begin. 

Cyber Monday deals: last year’s deals

As a reference for this year’s deals, below we’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals we saw last year. Most of these prices have already been undercut so far in 2021, which means we’ll see even better discounts come the holiday season. 

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