Best Black Friday phone deals 2021 — best phone sales right now

Black Friday proper is this month, with deals coming hard and fast. From OnePlus to Samsung and Motorola, there are plenty of great offers right now with more to come the closer we get to Black Friday weekend.

We expect that phones will make up a big portion of the Black Friday deals this year. In light of that, it’s probably best to hold off on buying a new phone until the rest of the sales start rolling in.

Black Friday phone deals 


Carrier deals

Black Friday phone deals — what to expect

Every year, phones high and low go on sale for Black Friday. Sometimes they’re unlocked, other times they have some carrier deal attached to them. Either way, this is one of the best times of the year to buy a new phone. 

Samsung: We usually see big sales from Samsung, as you may have noticed already. From last year’s flagships to this year’s affordable options, Samsung typically offers nice discounts on Black Friday. Expect to see some excellent offers from, Best Buy, and Amazon, not to mention carrier deals.

Motorola: Motorola is another player in Black Friday phone deals. While the company doesn’t play in the big leagues like Samsung, it does offer slight discounts on its more popular, affordable devices. We would guess that more of Motorola’s 2021 lineup will go on sale this year.

iPhone: Apple is usually pretty stingy with iPhone deals unless it’s on older models. Don’t expect to see wild sales on the new iPhone 13 series, but iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE should all get some some discounts. The real place to get a good deal on an iPhone is through a carrier, often with BOGO or trade-in deals. We have a comprehensive list of the best iPhone Black Friday deals and best iPhone 13 Black Friday deals for your reference.

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