Ukraine defense ministry warns of ‘signs’ Russia is increasing troop size in Donbas

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A Ukrainian military official warned Saturday that Russia is continuing to bolster its forces in the eastern Donbas region and is intensifying its offensive measures.  “As of today, we see signs that Russia has been increasing its troops in eastern areas of operations. They are increasing the … Read more

After UST’s success, a new race for L1 stablecoins is here

The demand for efficient money markets is so high that not even the inflation rate at 8.5% is diminishing it. That’s by how much the dollar lost its purchasing power compared to a year ago. Yet, stablecoins pegged to the dollar regularly have the highest interest rate yields, enough to outrace inflation. Why would tokenized … Read more

German auto industry braces for Russian gas disruption as Ukraine war continues

BERLIN — German automakers and suppliers said they are preparing for the possibility that Russia will cut off their gas supplies as a result of the Ukraine conflict. Gazprom, the large Russian state energy company, fired a warning shot last week toward countries that are supporting Ukraine by halting gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria. … Read more