Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Review: Lovely design, Questionable utility

Two years ago, Lenovo and Google partnered to create a new product category for Google Assistant: a smart clock. It was somewhere between a smart speaker and a smart display in functionality, with a touchscreen and basic home controls, but nowhere near the functionality offered by Google’s Nest Hub. The initial price of $70 also … Read more

Best espresso machines 2021

The best espresso machines can bring your favorite coffee shop to you, and with so many machines catering to the home market these days you might not even need to brush up on your barista skills. Those looking to experiment with multiple aspects of their coffee’s brewing process, or make the most of high quality … Read more

Estimated ship times for preorders of new MacBook Pro models now into late November, early December

Shipping estimates on the Apple Store for new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro pre-orders have started sliding into late November and early December. As of Sunday morning, estimates for the standard configurations of the 14-inch MacBook Pro were showing delivery dates between November 16th and 23rd. Customizing a 14-inch Pro could push the estimated delivery … Read more