Audi concept teases possible electric coupe

MUNICH — Audi has teased a potential full-electric coupe for the brand with the activesphere concept.

The concept could preview a battery-powered successor to Audi’s TT Coupe, reports say.

Audi did not give details about the activesphere except to say the full concept will be revealed next year.

The EV is the fourth model in a family of full-electric concepts Audi has been introducing since 2021. The others — skysphere, grandsphere and urbansphere — were displayed together for the first time during Monterey Car Week this month.

The concepts are designed to be capable of autonomous driving, Audi said, adding that battery power and self-driving technology will give rise to entirely new designs, with future car interiors offering features that allow occupants to use their time productively —or simply relax, Audi said.

The activesphere concept “will offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle, both on and off-road,” the company said in a statement.

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