Anker’s super small Type-C charger is now just $14

The increased availability of Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors has led to a rise in smaller power adapters, helping high-power chargers fit into a more typical design, and shrinking normal 15-30W bricks to impossibly-small sizes. Anker has now discounted one of its USB Type-C chargers to just $13.59 on Amazon, and while this specific charger doesn’t use GaN, it’s still incredibly compact.

The charger on sale is the Anker Nano PowerPort III (what a name!), which can supply up to 20W of power to any devices that support USB Power Delivery, or USB-PD for short. That includes most Android devices, recent iPads and iPhones, the Nintendo Switch, and other Type-C devices. The main selling point here is the size — it’s just over 1 inch wide.

    Anker Nano PowerPort IIIAnker Nano PowerPort III
    This super-compact 20W charger is perfect for keeping in a small bag or carrying case, and there are three colors available. Click the Coupon button on the product page to get the discount.

Many mobile devices can charge faster than 20W, but the compact design makes this a great backup charger to keep in a bag or carrying case. Phones will still charge quickly at 20W, though tablets, laptops, and the Nintendo Switch will take longer to fully power up (compared to their stock chargers). The main downside is that there’s only a single Type-C port, so you can’t easily charge multiple devices, and plugging in devices with a standard USB Type-A cable (like most smartwatches) will require a dongle. There’s also no Type-C cable included with this charger.