Alleged iPhone 13 case shows a monster-size camera

An image allegedly depicting an iPhone 13 Pro Max has been circulating on Chinese social media website Weibo and it suggests that the upcoming Apple flagship will feature a substantially larger camera module than last year’s model. 

As reported by Macrumors, the leaked image was shared by user UnclePan who claimed that it depicted an iPhone 13 Pro Max case on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. By affixing the current 12 Pro Max in the supposed 13 Pro Max case, we can get a sense of how much larger the camera module will be on this year’s iPhone. 

There’s conflicting information about what is being shown in the image. Apple’s rumored design changes were previously based on the thickness of the camera bumps (not modules). Regardless, it seems like the iPhone 13 Pro will sport a new camera layout. 

iPhone 12 inside supposed iPhone 13 Pro case to illustrate changes in camera module size.

(Image credit: UnclePanPan | Weibo)

The image that UnclePan shared certainly looks convincing, although some online are questioning its validity. DuanRui explained on Twitter, for instance, that the description UnclePan gave was incorrect. The image supposedly shows an iPhone 12 Pro in an iPhone 13 Pro case, not a Pro Max case. While this claim doesn’t necessarily negate the idea that the new iPhone will feature a larger camera, the differing information should remind consumers that all of this is variable to change.

Apart from this new camera module size rumors, there have been other bits of information about the iPhone 13 that have trickled out to the internet. The most widely talked about tidbit is the apparent reduction of the phone’s notch. Along with the notch reduction, other rumors are pointing to the iPhone 13 getting an under-display Touch ID sensor, not only bringing the feature back, but also putting the phone on par with Android handsets.  

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