Ultrahuman busts out a smart ring to decode metabolic health

Indian fitness platform Ultrahuman is expanding its wearable portfolio by launching a smart ring to boost its ability to provide tech loving ‘biohackers’ — and, it hopes, health-concerned Boomers — with more insightful metabolic insights. Sensors embedded in the forthcoming Ultrahuman Ring include temperature, heart rate and movement monitors, which enable the device to track … Read more

Wrong time to get bullish: Top investor warns deflating tech ‘bubble’ far from over

The recent tech rally may be doomed. Money manager Dan Suzuki of Richard Bernstein Advisors warns the market is far from bottoming — and it’s a concept investors fail to grasp, particularly when it comes to growth, technology and innovation names. “The two certainties in this world of uncertainty today is that profits growth is … Read more

Japan lodges protest after Chinese, Russian warships spotted near disputed islands: a ‘grave concern’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! As the U.S. was focused on celebrating the Fourth of July, tensions briefly rose across the Pacific after Japan spotted Chinese and Russian warships near the disputed East China Sea islands. Japan’s Defense Ministry said a Chinese frigate sailed inside the “contiguous zone,” just outside Japanese territorial … Read more